American Express Small Business Saturday 2014

Written by Kathy Church on . Posted in Marketing resources

American Express Shop Small Business Saturday is officially 2 weeks away; this year it’s happening on November 29th. It’s an important day for small businesses that have a storefront or physical location where they receive customers; in other words it’s a special time for small businesses to shine. Small businesses who accept American Express can create in-store promotional materials, online ads, and printed signage, all for free. The promotional items will be geared toward getting customers to shop at those businesses during Thanksgiving weekend. This event gives small businesses a helping hand and an income boost during the holiday. Small, local shops were the cornerstone of our communities and they still have the power to propel the economy forward. My hope is that eventually, Small Business Saturday will be more important and more talked about than Black Friday.

American Express card members can also benefit during this event; they can register to receive cash back, up to a total of $30 (in $10 increments) for each purchase they make at a local business when they spend $10 or more in a single transaction. So thanks to American Express OPEN for committing annually to the growth of small businesses in our country. For more information and to find out if your business qualifies, visit

I hope this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, you’re inspired to Shop Small!

Simplicity Enhances Peace

Written by Kathy Church on . Posted in Simplicity

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Being at peace is a gift that can be hard to maintain in our society, and I think as Americans, we tend to have a difficult time with this concept. Everything seems to have an urgency and it has become “normal” to have stress and feel overwhelmed. One way to bring about peace is to keep things simple and although that should be an easy task, I know from (regular) first-hand experience that there can be a tendency to complicate even the smallest things. But learning how to “dumb things down” carries with it a definite benefit. Cultivating simplicity thankfully brings with it a sense of peace that can generate positive ripples through your entire life, not to mention your to do list. Whether we’re talking about business or just life in general, the goals and plans we make for ourselves can and should require help from others, but we must first identify and admit there is a need in order to receive support. Asking for help is a big step that’s well worth the effort. We should remember to be still and at peace whenever possible to allow the fullness of life to live within and through us, and if that requires us to ask for help…so be it.