Services – Virtually Partnered Consulting

I support successful professionals who simply cannot do it all by themselves. I handle the daily administrative tasks that keep their office running smoothly. I also provide them with faster, easier, and better ways to manage projects and resolve issues. They count on me to handle activities and tasks that are a “must get done,” and those items tend to be outside of their skill level or they just don’t have the time.

How I Help:

  • Consulting
  • Blog maintenance (WordPress)
  • Newsletter/email marketing maintenance plus database cleanup
  • Project management (including process tracking spreadsheets)
  • General editing and proof-reading
  • Website maintenance (including “out of the box” websites)
  • Social media account maintenance
  • YouTube video editing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) support
  • Online event & webinar maintenance
  • Internet research
  • Online training sessions
  • Do you have other needs? Let’s talk! Call me at 623-878-4708.

I Care

My focus is to free you from administrative tasks that steal your time, keeping work/life balance as a priority in your life.

Call 623-878-4708 or use my contact form.